About Us

Male Suicide Prevention Australia was established to pursue an evidenced based approach to male suicide prevention. It is funded by and operates under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies (AIMHS). We rely on donations to continue this important work. Please see the: Support Our Work – How to Donate page on this site.

Male Suicide Prevention Australia is dedicated to reducing the incidence of male suicide by applying an understanding of male experience, male physiology, psychology, and social determinants of male suicide within a comprehensive prevention approach.

We develop and publish a range of resources, including papers on the Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention. These papers offer international leadership in evidence informed and practical suicide prevention activity – see Resources – Resources and Papers / Report page on this site.

Despite enormous funding being directed into the suicide prevention sector, the toll of suicide deaths is still trending upwards with the current approach tied to the flawed ideology of ‘mental illness’ and its medicalisation of psychological distress and common human experience. The Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention provides a strong alternative conceptual framework, and a new approach of grounded and practical strategies with potential to revolutionise and render effective the range of organisations genuinely concerned with suicide prevention.